• Graduation Party with Karen, Tom, and Ryan, December 2011.
  • Monica Boshart and Matt McLaughlin demonstrating... something, August 2011.
  • When Pat returned from his sabbatical in the spring of 2011, he got "a surprise" from the group.
  • Matt McLaughlin presenting at the SYCAM Retreat, October 2010.
  • The Holland group before a trip to Darien Lake, August 2010.
  • The Holland group's cryogenic expertise leads to ice cream, June 2010.
  • Ryan Cowley branching out into biological research at the Inorganic Chemistry Gordon Conference, June 2010.
  • Matt, Tom, Sarina, Karen, and Meghan at Sarina's wedding reception, October 2009.
  • Karen Chiang heaves during a group disc-golf outing, August 2009.
  • Group snowtubing trip, January 2009.
  • Matt and Karen during a group skiing trip, January 2008.
March 14, 2014