Group News

Counting two Accounts

June 2015

The group has published in rapid succession two summaries of our research, both in the journal Accounts of Chemical Research. One describes our organometallic research, and the other describes our research on N2 reduction. The paper on N2 owes much to Sean McWilliams, who is pushing back the frontiers of iron-N2 chemistry in our lab.

NIH Fellowship to Sean McWilliams

June 2015

Congratulations to Sean McWilliams, who is the recipient of an Ruth Kirschstein National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health. This prestigious “F31“ fellowship will support his research efforts on new N2​ complexes of iron. Great job Sean!

New paper in Inorg. Chem.

May 2015

Congratulations to a longstanding group of students who put together an excellent story on an unusual complex where a diazoalkane is coordinated to cobalt. This work was started by Nicole Wedgwood and Jon Goldberg, undergraduate coworkers in the lab. After further study by sabbatical visitor Andy Eklund, it was wrapped up and filled out with expert computations through the work of postdoc Simon Bonyhady. And now, you can read about it!

New paper on [2Fe-2S] clusters

May 2015

Congratulations to our team of homophonic students, Meghan Rodriguez and Megan Reesbeck, whose study of new 2Fe-2S clusters was just accepted at the Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. This was the result of a lot of work by both, as well as a number of spectroscopic collaborators and “checking duty” by Richard Lewis. Thanks to all!

Congraduations to Bechir and Emma

May 2015

Congratulations to Bechir-Auguste Pierre and Emma Brennan-Wydra, our two undergraduate coworkers, who graduated today from Yale College. We appreciate their hard work, and wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

Pat elected as Fellow of AAAS

November 2014

Pat Holland was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This is an honor bestowed by peer scientists in recognition of contributions to advancing science. Pat was recognized for contributions to coordination chemistry, focusing on low-coordinate iron complexes.

Kasia's paper on alkali metal changes in JACS

November 2014

Congratulations to Kasia on the publication of her JACS paper on alkali metal control over Fe-based N-N cleavage. This paper involved the synthesis and isolation of many extremely sensitive compounds, and gave important insight into how multi-iron sites can break N2. Great job!

Welcome to Bechir

September 2014

A warm welcome to our newest group member, Bechir-Auguste Pierre. Bechir is joining us for his senior thesis research. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Chem. Commun. paper

August 2014

A new paper from Richard and Cory reports the two-electron reduction of a bridging pyridine. Great work from Team Pyridine!

Guest researcher Prof. Meisu Zhou

August 2014

We are happy to welcome Prof. Meisu Zhou, a professor from Shanxi University, who will be staying in our labs for three months doing organometallic research.